Supporting your mental health during social isolation and social distancing.

With the coronavirus pandemic, we are in the midst of an unprecedented situation for people living in the UK and many other parts of the world. If you are over 70 you have been asked to socially distance yourself for 16 weeks from 20th March. If you have particular long term physical health conditions you will have received a letter saying that you need to take additional precautions (shielding) for 12 weeks from 24th March.

Even if you are not in these two groups of people, our daily life is set to change in ways we may not have envisaged. If you have symptoms of a persistent cough or a fever, you are asked to self-isolate yourself and anyone you live with.

It is important that you remain physically and mentally well whilst you are distancing, shielding or isolating yourself. We want to help you to do this. You may be finding the situation difficult to cope with. You may be happy that you don't have to go out and meet people. You may find you miss the things you used to do to keep you occupied. You may find that your mood is worse than it was or  you feel anxious about how you will cope and what you will do, particularly as the time ahead may be involve a lot of uncertainty.

If this is the case, there are things you can do to help ensure you can remain well.

We have pulled together these self-help pages from resources we have found to help you maintain your mood and help you cope during the weeks ahead.

There are ideas and resources to help you manage your mood. All of them are based on tools used by the NHS.  They are based on the best evidence of what works for a lot of people.

We have also pulled together some resources we have come across that may help you in the times ahead. There are many things that are happening in each community to help support people in your situation, and people you can talk to if you are feeling vulnerable or need help with your daily activities.

Click these links to find out what you can do to support your mental health during this time and find this support.

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