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Creative corner

We recognise that not everyone with an acquired brain injury gets support and therapy through meeting people. Some of us like a more creative outlet when we are struggling with things, be it through art, music, creative writing or other craft activities. Others like to do these because they simply give us pleasure. 

This part of the website is where we can publish your art, poems, stories or photographs.  

Sometimes, reading what others have said, helps you to also understand what you are dealing with. 

If you have something you would like to share with us, please send it to us. We can post it with your name on or anonymously. Just let us know what you would prefer.  

These are some of the recent submissions we have had to creative corner. Our members often use this forum to write, draw or paint representations of their injuries or other things in their lives as an outlet for their thoughts. 

My story



“Look out. It's going to hit us!”

Or something like that...........

She did.

Hit us I mean.

A 65 year old woman, being taught by her 75 year old husband I think was the story?

I shall ask Bruce.

Ailsa and Mark were shunted up the road. No safety belt – I took their place after I had bashed my head first on the side of the pale-blue Mini.

It was a write-off.

So was I.

Left in the gutter.

Weeks later, or maybe it could have been then, I heard someone say ….

“It's only a question of time for her”..........

I thought - “Bugger me.”

Did not really comprehend what was going on. That attitude I think got me through I think.

Fifty years on nearly, I have to stop fighting now...........

A sideways-on collision. She put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.

An instant, and the Gypsy's forecast when I was ten hung in the balance. Appleby Fair's Fortune Teller. An annual event.

And here I am a-writing. Wanting to know for the first time really.

Smatterings leaked out surreptiously over the years.

Back double-padlocked in the trunk in the cellar they went.

Out of sight.

Out of mind.............





Many Long-Gone Years

Unknown, silent tears

No explanation coming

Time just dawdled by

Still silent? Humming

Metamorphosis nigh

Along endless Time...

Surreptitiously Improved

Crawled and gradual

Treasured, even loved

Affection; sensual

Remained a blank void

Anger; always annoyed

With no understanding

Of its' massive enormity

A gargantuan Giant

In control; not me

Bury it deep, deep

Underground cellar

Not even one peep

Until now.........

So Why? How?



For J.


She arrived with a beam

It seemed

There was such

Apparent warmth

Antennae sensitive

And adapting

So accepting

(This last one is

My mission in life!)

"Tell me your story"

She said

So I did

In dribs and drabs

This morning

The shoulders

Or maybe the nape

Of the neck

Seem to have


Even relinquished

A modicum

Of the remaining




The weighty


Sack of potatoes!

Jettisoned out

One by one

Over the years

How I don't know

But I did

"I can and I will"

Firmly in the Driving seat!

I just wanted to.



Still Simmering


The bubbles have

Been disturbed

Popping, with care mind

At least they are

Trying to shift

I have to let them

Give permission

Here, in the Mountains

It is so much easier.